Empowering Patients: The Impact of Patient Nudging on Health Management

In the evolving healthcare landscape, one aspect remains paramount – patient engagement. A recent episode of Unlimited Access titled Patient Nudging offered deep insights into this critical concept, exploring ways to empower patients and help them take ownership of their health. Hosts Levi and Shannon Aylesworth delved into the importance of patient nudging, a strategy to keep patients aligned […]

Patient Nudging Techniques for Primary Care Physicians to Boost Patient Engagement

Primary care physicians and specialists play a significant role in engaging patients with polychronic conditions. Their responsibility extends beyond diagnosis and treatment. They are entrusted with the task of involving patients in their care and encouraging proactive steps towards better health outcomes. Through the empowerment of patients with multiple chronic conditions (MCC) and the utilization […]

The Prevalence and Challenge of Polychronic Conditions

In today’s episode of Unlimited Access, hosts Levi and Shannon Aylesworth delve into the emerging issue of polychronic conditions. Polychronic conditions, which refer to individuals suffering from three or more chronic illnesses, are quickly becoming a crucial concern in the healthcare sector. According to Shannon, an astounding 86% of health care costs are attributable to […]

The ER’s Secret Weapon: How Strong Team Communication Leads to Better Care

In emergency medicine, every second counts, and every piece of information matters. The journey of a patient from outpatient to inpatient care, and vice versa, is critical to patient outcomes, and ER team effectiveness. Information needs to flow seamlessly into the emergency room (ER) during this transition. When it doesn’t, it significantly impacts the quality […]