Podcast: A Journey of Resilience with Ursamin’s Shannon Aylesworth

In a recent episode on Makers Bar, Shannon Aylesworth, Founder and CEO of Ursamin, discusses her experience and her “why” for creating the Ursamin care coordination platform (CCP™) for patients with multiple complex diseases. Shannon’s journey, rooted in personal tragedy, led her to pioneer a solution addressing critical gaps in healthcare.

Ursamin’s mission is clear—to consolidate data from various sources, including wearables, remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices, and electronic medical records (EMRs), providing patients and their multiple caregivers with a unified platform. Shannon touches on her own experience as a caregiver, bringing to the surface the critical need for improved information flow in healthcare.

Shannon’s vision extends beyond just a platform; it’s about fostering collaboration and empowerment. She envisions an agnostic platform where patients and providers share information seamlessly. During the podcast episode, the conversation unfolds. Shannon reveals Ursamin’s challenges in penetrating the healthcare market especially, with outdated systems and diverse business models posing significant hurdles.

Shannon shares her definition of success—measured by the ease Ursamin brings to patients’ lives and its adoption by providers. The real triumph lies in seeing providers understand and leverage Ursamin’s capabilities, making caregiving more efficient and less burdensome.

One key takeaway is Shannon’s resilience and commitment to her vision. Despite the complexities of the healthcare industry, she remains steadfast in her pursuit, embracing challenges as learning experiences. Shannon is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship and the desire to make a tangible impact on people’s lives.

As you listen to this Makers Bar podcast episode, you’ll gain insights into the entrepreneurial journey, the challenges of entering the healthcare sector, and the transformative potential of Ursamin.

Join us in celebrating Shannon Aylesworth’s tenacity and Ursamin’s mission to reshape healthcare for the better. Listen to the podcast here: 

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