Advisory Board Application

“Transforming the Health Journey"

Thank you for your interest in applying to be an advisor & potential investor at Ursamin. With your help, we can revolutionize care for patients living with multiple chronic conditions, while providing the much needed support to the clinicians and families who support them.

Patients living with multiple chronic illnesses are growing at an unprecented rate, and expected to grow 99% in the next 20 years in the US. The healthcare ecosystem is pivoting to address the needs of these patients, but with the growing shortage of doctors happening at the same time, the current pace isn’t enough. We believe that technology solutions combined with clinical oversight are becoming a critical step in reversing this trajectory, and so tells the story of how Ursamin came to be.

Our mission is bold but doable – provide a seamless solution built by, and for, providers, patients and caregivers that will streamline the healthcare journey, while providing the much needed administrative relief for the entire team.

Take Part in the Transformation:

Why Now is the Pivotal Moment for Ursamin

A Pioneering Approach to Care Coordination

As an Ursamin advisor & investor, you will be at the forefront of a healthcare revolution, at a time when your expertise could not be more vital. Care coordination, a critical and complex challenge that has been discussed for over a decade, is now ripe for transformation due to two significant trends:

Your Role in Shaping the Future

Your advisory role within Ursamin means more than just sharing insights; it means actively contributing to a system that empowers clinicians to reduce administrative burdens and enhances their capacity for patient care. By streamlining the care coordination process, we are not just improving efficiency; we are improving lives.


Join Us on This Journey

Ursamin has meticulously strategized its expansion and operations to ensure scalability and efficiency, with a clear pathway to generate significant revenue. By joining our advisory board, you’re not just investing in a company; you’re investing in a vision that seeks to revolutionize a sector ready for change.

Investment with Impact

Your potential investment in Ursamin is timed with precision. With a solid tech stack ready to leverage and a growing population in need of our services, your investment has the power to make a significant impact. You will be enabling a platform that is set to transform how chronic care is managed and, in doing so, will be part of the driving force behind a critical evolution in healthcare.


Get Acquainted with Our Vision

We invite you to delve deeper into our business model, our market strategy, and the technological advancements that underpin our platform. With your advisory and investment support, we believe that Ursamin can achieve its goal of redefining patient care for the betterment of all.