Enhancing Patient Care Across the Continuum

Ursamin leverages efficient data management and workflow automation to simplify the patient journey, while improving communication across the extended care teams.

Connecting for Seamless Care

By optimizing data efficiency in primary and specialty care, we can impact the entire patient journey. From consolidated treatment plans to facilitating care transitions and identifying non-compliance or “lost” patients, we can help improve care, particularly for high-risk patients in need of attention.
Incorporate New Tools for Patient Empowerment
Visibility to the Patient Journey and Relevant Treatment Plans
Rapidly aid patients in care transitions and medication management
Streamlined Patient Data for Comprehensive Care
Today’s data sharing rules often lead to an overload of information for clinicians, making it difficult for them to quickly understand the patient’s story and act promptly. Ursamin filters through the noise, granting providers access to essential patient information at any point in the patient journey.
  • Simplified and efficient collaborative patient care for any practice size
  • Unified and comprehensive data hub and tools to meet the demands of complex care patients
  • Streamlining patient tracking frees up time that can be better utilized to offering new services that can increase reimbursements and improve outcomes
    • Population health initiatives
    • Chronic care management services
    • Remote patient monitoring and management

Experience the future of patient-centered care. Elevate your practice today.

Giving you access to patient data in a more simplified and easy manner allows you to more quickly see where your patient has been, what they need help with today and quickly transition to building a care plan for moving forward.

Empower Your Patients to Manage Their Health

Put patients in control of their health and facilitate proactive, coordinated care with their extended care team.

  • Organized data by conditions and top requirements
  • Patient empowerment through tailored and targeted education
  • Patient upload tools for missing health chart information
  • Advanced directives and caregiver support for enhanced care management

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"We receive patients round the clock, every day of the week. Without immediate access to their medical records, we have to rely on the PCP office to send the necessary past medical history, medications, and test results via fax or discuss them over the phone. Unfortunately, the offices are closed at night and on weekends, causing significant delays in obtaining vital information. As a result, we often have to repeat tests to get the results quickly, which means subjecting the patients to unnecessary needle pokes, urine catheterization, or radiology procedures. In the case of pediatric patients, this is especially distressing as they are often scared and the procedures can be painful. I can't stress enough how impactful Ursaminis in solving these problems. It puts the entire medical record in the hands of the patients and caregivers, ensuring crucial information is available at the point of care."
Dr. Laura Cardello
Pediatric Hospitalist

Seamlessly Move with the Patient

Ursamin enhances collaborative care for the entire care team, without adding unnecessary burden.