Empowerment with Automated Solutions

Proper care for loved ones is hindered by wasting time on monotonous tasks. Don’t waste time, automate and get back to things that matter most to you and those you care for. 

Eliminate Time-Wasting Tasks

Overwhelmed by caregiving? Advocate for your family or loved one’s best care. 

Easily Facilitate Communication and Collaboration
Streamline Record Gathering
Access Financial Support and Resources in One Location
Effortless Care Coordination

Simplify caregiving with Ursamin’s all-in-one solution.

  • Seamless communication
  • Resource accessibility
  • Centralized tasks, calendars, alerts

Start connecting, collecting, and streamlining your critical caregiving needs all in one place.

Your Caregiving Companion

Ursamin alleviates the burden from caregiving tasks to help you focus on your and your loved one’s well-being.

  • Consolidated caregiving tasks and records
  • Connectivity to patients and providers
  • Instant access to resources and medical information

Access medical info, notes, and resources easily for your loved ones.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Ursamin has been a tremendous resource for my family. With four aging parents, a child who deals with complex medical issues, and me as a Thyroid Cancer Patient with multiple autoimmune problems, it's been a lifeline. Now, I only need one login to access all of our medical information - appointments, notes, and what comes next. When my parents want me to take a look at their test results or notes, I don't have to bother logging into separate accounts anymore because Ursamin has given me access. One thing that really excites me is the ease with which I can coordinate care for my family even if we're seeing independent providers or specialists who aren't part of the big hospital system. If getting timely tests within our large hospital setup becomes difficult for any reason whatsoever, I can easily turn to another third-party entity and get the results on one single platform. Ursamin truly makes managing our healthcare so much simpler!
The Multi-Faceted Caregiver

Making medical info easy to access, share, and understand – for everyone.

Collaborate and communicate better with everyone involved in chronic care management. Get started with Ursamin today.