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Our Mission

Improve the lives of patients living with multiple chronic conditions by streamlining their fragmented healthcare journey.

Our Vision

By empowering providers and caregivers with a platform that streamlines the operational workflows, small adjustments can make a large impact on patient outcomes and administrative burden.

Our Visionaries


CEO and Founder

With over 25 years of experience in helping service providers deliver better consumer experiences, Shannon launched Ursamin in 2021. Shannon is on a mission to improve care for patients living with multiple chronic illnesses, a growing and underserved population that faces the worst outcomes due to fragmentation and inefficiency in the healthcare system.

Prior to Ursamin, Shannon was a strategic leader and sales executive in the telecommunications industry, where she drove product market fit, customer acquisition, revenue growth, and global expansion for several innovative and disruptive B2B2C solutions. She led teams that contributed to two unicorn exits, an IPO, and a $1.5B acquisition, and became the #1 provider of edge WiFi equipment to service providers worldwide. Shannon specializes in improving operational processes, rearchitecting networks, and creating strategic partnerships to deliver improved consumer experiences and outcomes.


Digital Health Business Development

Fred has expertise in digital experience, customer engagement, and telemedicine. He has over a decade of experience working with major corporations in various industries such as financial, insurance, healthcare, advertising, and media & entertainment. He has held senior positions in companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, State Farm Corporation, and BetterHealthcare, where he was responsible for digital marketing, customer engagement, and telemedicine integration. He has also advised private equity and investment companies on digital health solutions. In his most recent role, he led BetterHealthcare to help improve patient access to care through a digital platform and increase patient bookings by 30%.


Chief Information Officer

With a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a minor in Philosophy from Creighton University, John is a problem solver and has experience in the custom CRM space. He started CRMSys with Peter Henry in 2007 and later became an author of workflow and a designer in the analytics space at iVobis. John is the founder of Plot Analytics, where he has designed and overseen business intelligence, data warehousing, analytics, and corporate reporting programs for several years. His expertise includes data-driven solutions, such as the Plot Analytics Workflow Engine, which ties disparate data together and helps with structured reporting, financial reporting, regulatory requirements, analytics, and key performance indicators. He has worked with technology partners such as Microsoft, Insight Software, Solver, Tableau, Qlik, and Burst. John has a broad knowledge of CRM and ERP solutions from Microsoft, Sage, and SAP.


Content Creator and Digital Marketing

Levi is versatile business leader with experience in various industries, including automotive operations, B2B sales, e-commerce marketing, small business accounting, government finance, and human resources. He has a track record of leading successful departments and building businesses from the ground up. Before Ursamin, he was the Vice President of Finance and Business Development at Congruent, a creative agency he helped build from $0 to a $2 million profitable business in less than 2 years. Previously, he was the Director of Operations at Image Auto and Vice President of Operations at Site-Seeker, where he helped grow the companies and establish internal management systems. Levi started his career in the United States Air Force, where he led finance teams and reported to the White House and Pentagon on all U.S. spending. He was recognized as one of the 12 outstanding Airmen in 1998.

Why Ursamin?

Did you know that PLWMCC’s have on average 12-14 doctors or care team members? The AHRQ calls the coordination of care for these patients a “wicked problem”, requiring a thoughtful approach to supporting patients and their family caregivers.
The three main pillars of successful care coordination for PLWMCC are:
  1.  A holistic Patient View – integrating the various data points to understand where the patient is in their journey. Encounter data from the EMRs, clinical wearables, RPM insights and patient reported outcomes all come together to paint the story of the patient as they move through the system.
  2. Including the Family Caregivers – as most PLWMCC patients today are seniors, caregivers have become a critical supporting role to the patient.
  3. Shared Care Plans – Consistent insight into the patient as they move through the system helps ensure smooth care transitions between providers.
The Ursamin platform is built towards all three pillars, wrapped up with an interactive notification and education system that helps alert patients, providers and caregivers when actions must be taken to support the patient journey.

Why now?

Care coordination has been in discussion for over 10 years. But there are two major trends that have made this time the most important time to invest.

Industry Tech Stack

The healthcare community needed to be prepared to include patients and caregivers into the clinical and operational workflows without putting more burden on an already overstressed workforce. The CURES act final ruling in October 2022 symbolizes that readiness, and signifies the foundation has been built to empower the entire ecosystem for better data flow, and automation that can streamline ongoing patient care and enablement.

Ongoing Growth of PLWMCCs

MCC patients have been growing at a high rate, and will continue to grow exponentially over the next 20 years. These patients have the worst outcomes, the highest rate of death, the highest rate of suicide and drive over 75% of the healthcare budget. Care Operations and Patient empowerment is top of mind to the healthcare community, and companies who are helping address these challenges will be at the tables of critical leaders solving this issue.

Company Overview

At Ursamin, we are taking on the hardest challenges of healthcare, partnering with the healthcare community to develop solutions that have an immediate benefit to patients, providers and caregivers. Patients living with Multiple Chronic Conditions have 12-14 providers on average they must manage. This is not only difficult on the patient but multiplies as you move into the provider community which manages hundreds of patients in the same situation. Our platform utilizes advanced technology to automate the location, identification, and consolidation of information at the individual patient level. This reduces the administrative burden significantly on all parties while reducing the risk of misdiagnosis and improving patient care.

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