Podcast: Ursamin CEO Shannon Aylesworth Unveils the Future of Care Coordination

Ursamin’s visionary founder and CEO, Shannon Aylesworth was featured on an episode of the Healthcare Shares Podcast. In a candid conversation, Shannon shared her personal journey that led to the creation of Ursamin, a care coordination platform (CCP™), that is turning more heads among those trying to navigate chronic disease management.

Healthcare Shares Episode Premise

With a rich background spanning 25 years in edge computing, Shannon’s switch to healthcare wasn’t just professional—it was deeply personal. In 2011, Shannon became a caregiver for her mother, who navigated the complexities of managing 24 doctors and multiple hospitals. The ordeal revealed the cumbersome nature of healthcare paperwork, leading Shannon to a mission-driven purpose: preventing gaps in care that result in life-altering consequences.

In 2015, tragedy struck as miscommunication and misinformation sharing between doctors resulted in the loss of Shannon’s mother. This heartbreaking experience became the driving force behind Ursamin. Shannon recognized the need to address the challenges faced by the 66 million patients like her mother—individuals dealing with multiple chronic conditions (MCC) every day.

Ursamin is more than a platform; it’s a solution to bridge the gaps in the caregiver, provider, and patient experience. During this podcast, Shannon discusses how existing technologies often address fragments of patient engagement, leaving coordination fragmented. However, Ursamin focuses on a more comprehensive solution: To provide a singular location for patients to access their information, share calendars, and connect with multiple healthcare providers more easily.

Ursamin Goes Beyond Just Data Aggregation

Shannon emphasized Ursamin’s role as a two-sided platform that benefits both patients and providers. It facilitates patient management, education at scale, and improved communication among stakeholders. The platform’s capabilities extend beyond data aggregation. It offers shared calendaring, local resources, consolidated data from disparate sources (EMRs, RPMs, wearables, etc.), and dashboards.

Listen to the Episode Now

Check out the conversation and learn more about the future of care coordination: 

This episode is not just a discussion about technology – it’s a narrative of hope. Ursamin is bridging the gaps between the provider, caregiver, and patients in healthcare for a healthier, more connected, and collaborative future.

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