The Unseen Labor of Caregivers: A Discussion on the AARP Report

This topic became the center of our discussion on Ursamin’s Unlimited Access Podcast, where we dove into the striking findings of a report by AARP. The report sheds light on the huge value of unpaid caregiving: a whopping $600 billion. It discusses the significant economic, physical, and emotional costs shouldered by unpaid caregivers, predominantly family members. […]

Millennials and Chronic Health Conditions: A Shifting Paradigm

When discussing chronic health conditions, we often think of our parents’ generation or those beyond. After all, they grew up in an era where smoking was considered a “friend,” and car seats were rarely used. But here’s a curveball. According to a recent Health Action Council 2023 White Paper, millennials, those aged 27 to 42, […]

Optimizing Clinical Workflows: The Key to Better Patient Care

Ensuring seamless healthcare delivery demands efficient and optimized clinical workflows in an increasingly digital world. As such, we’ve spent much time making providers’ lives easier and bridging the gap between patients and providers at Ursamin, our health tech initiative. We need to prioritize the type of information physicians receive to optimize these clinical workflows. To […]