Transforming the Health Journey

Ursamin is bridging the collaboration gap between patients, providers, and caretakers for better chronic disease care and management.


Empowering Providers, Patients and Caregivers​

Experience the power of Ursamin, a platform designed to improve the lives of chronically ill patients.

Chronic illnesses have changed the needs of patients, but the industry is having a hard time staying up.

Ursamin fills this gap created by a fragmented healthcare system trying to serve chronically ill patients. We bring together patients, caregivers and providers in a team based approach – resulting in happier patients, more satisfied doctors and better outcomes for all.

Empower Your Practice

Ursamin simplifies the entire patient journey, providing streamlined data access, improved processes for better care coordination, and powerful tools for patient empowerment.

Elevate your practice today and transform healthcare delivery for better outcomes.

Take Control of Your Health

More than ever before, our health outcomes depend on the actions we all take in our daily lives, and how we embrace the resources around us.

Ursamin alleviates administrative challenges, empowering you to effortlessly access the care you need and concentrate on your journey to optimal health and well-lived days.

Supporting Family Caregivers

We recognize the increasing emotional and financial strain on caregivers. Ursamin is dedicated to lifting the administrative weight and helping you focus on quality living while we manage the rest.

User Friendly, Intuitive Interface

Ursamin began building our platform with one goal in mind – Make it EASY.  We want you to be focused on your business, family, health or whatever is most important to you.  

As such we’ve built a simple interface modeled after some of the top consumer apps out there. After all Doctors are consumers too!  So the needs are the same – simple, intuitive and most of all, flexible to grow with your needs.

Enhanced Collaboration Tools

Ursamin breaks down the silos created by legacy healthcare technology, freeing up critical data flow required by a patient’s medical care team and their family.   In creating a seamless workflow between patients and their providers, their focus can be placed on collaboration and coordination attributes that will help them achieve and maintain the highest outcomes.

Simplifying Patient Information

The amount of information required before the doctor can even make a diagnosis these days is staggering.  Medical Records, Wearables, financial situation, health literacy, insurance coverage, personal choice, etc.  Doctors can’t keep up with it, so that burden is falling to the families or patients.

Ursamin simplifies bringing this information together – one platform, with information separated by user so you get what you need as quickly as possible, and stop wasting time trying to find it.

Our Advisors

Ulrike Berzau

MM, MHS, PT, FACHE, Adjunct Professor
Fairleigh Dickinson University


Laura Cardello

MD, Medical Director
South Shore Hospital


Julie A. Shapiro

MD, ER Medicine Physician
South Shore Health-South Weymouth


Collaboration across the entire care team

As engagement between providers and patients gets more complex, it’s  critical that everyone in the care journey foster teamwork and improved patient care.  

That’s why we make sure everyone on the patient care team has the same functionality, that can then be customized per user’s preference to ensure this becomes the platform you use for all things health!

Health Data

Unlimited number of end points for data, while also including filtering capabilities for fast recovery and ease of access

Effortless Data Sharing​

Care transitions are one of the biggest reasons for medical mistakes. Ursamin's new approach to data sharing reduces risk and liability on providers, while increasing pace and accuracy of data flow

Actionable Insights​

Uncover trends, patterns, and optimize well-being with valuable health insights.

Shared Health Calendars

Secured, shared calendars make it easy for providers to quickly understand where their patient is in the care journey, and empowers caregivers to support loved ones.

What Our Customers
Are Saying

"We receive patients round the clock, every day of the week. Without immediate access to their medical records, we have to rely on the PCP office to send the necessary past medical history, medications, and test results via fax or discuss them over the phone. Unfortunately, the offices are closed at night and on weekends, causing significant delays in obtaining vital information. As a result, we often have to repeat tests to get the results quickly, which means subjecting the patients to unnecessary needle pokes, urine catheterization, or radiology procedures. In the case of pediatric patients, this is especially distressing as they are often scared and the procedures can be painful. I can't stress enough how impactful Ursaminis in solving these problems. It puts the entire medical record in the hands of the patients and caregivers, ensuring crucial information is available at the point of care."
Dr. Laura Cardello
Pediatric Hospitalist

Why We Created Ursamin

For 12 years my family and I struggled to help my mom manage her care across 20+ doctors. With 3 chronic illnesses, her care team was huge, as was the amount of work we had to do to just stay in front of it.

Sadly, she ended up passing in 2017 from what was missed communications between the PCP and specialist, yielding unnecessary treatment that her body couldn’t handle. It was when her PCP told me she ”didn’t know” that caught me off guard. Our collective anger and frustration eventually turned to passion to help others not have to suffer the same fate.

With a 25 year sales career, I tried to find a platform I could sell that would bring the three together – caregiver, patient and provider. It didn’t exist…so I decided to build one.

And here we are! Join us in our mission to help providers and patients work more easily together, sharing information more quickly and getting better outcomes overall.

Shannon Aylesworth
Founder and CEO