Take Control of Your Health

Ursamin provides a great opportunity to every person by providing the right education and resources about concerning health problems.

Better Health Management​

Healthcare is more specialized, leading to longer lifespans. But it also means managing multiple doctors, which can be overwhelming and lead to inadequate care.

Collect and Organize Your Health Records
Customizable and User-Friendly
Educational and Financial Resources
Access Patient Data When It's Most Critical

Ursamin supports patients in offloading essential care tasks that don’t require a medical degree.

  • Automated record collection
  • Centralized education
  • Resource finding and support
Ursamin’s Unique Approach to Chronic Care

Access your medical information, collaborate, and manage your chronic care easier with Ursamin.

  • Critical data sharing with ease
  • Effective self-management tools
  • Simplified communication 

What Our Customers Are Saying

In April 2022, our 13-year-old daughter experienced a sudden, complete hearing loss in her left ear. While a cochlear implant offered a promising solution, the journey to making that a reality and scheduling her surgery was delayed by challenges in obtaining her immunization records from her pediatrician in our previous state of residence. This distressing ordeal underlines the critical importance of universally accessible and interconnected medical records. Our personal experience has reinforced our belief in an interconnected and easily accessible system that can alleviate families from anguish and stress. Ursamin expedites critical medical interventions without the inefficiencies acting as obstacles, ensuring that immediate access to complete medical histories becomes the norm, not the exception.
The Empowered Care Advocate

Focus On What is Most Important - Getting and Staying Healthy

Ursamin helps you prioritize your health and keep it a priority.