Project Healthcare: A Hub for Healthcare Startups

project healthcare

In the latest episode of Unlimited Access broadcasting from Nashville, Shannon shares her firsthand experiences at the kickoff of Project Healthcare, an innovative hub for healthcare startups. Collaboration Among Startups One of the episode’s highlights is the emphasis on the unique collaboration among different startups. Shannon speaks about the synergistic relationships formed between companies, each […]

Podcast: Ursamin CEO Shannon Aylesworth Unveils the Future of Care Coordination

Ursamin’s visionary founder and CEO, Shannon Aylesworth was featured on an episode of the Healthcare Shares Podcast. In a candid conversation, Shannon shared her personal journey that led to the creation of Ursamin, a care coordination platform (CCP™), that is turning more heads among those trying to navigate chronic disease management.

Unlimited Access: A Conversation Ulrike Berzau

This week on Unlimited Access, we had an enlightening conversation about healthcare, technology, mentorship, and international healthcare systems. This episode featured guest Ulrike Berzau, an executive and consultant in the healthcare sector with an international perspective. Shannon, Levi, and Ulrike’s conversation navigated several intricate facets of healthcare—ranging from technology’s role to system-wide data-sharing difficulties.

The Prevalence and Challenge of Polychronic Conditions

In today’s episode of Unlimited Access, hosts Levi and Shannon Aylesworth delve into the emerging issue of polychronic conditions. Polychronic conditions, which refer to individuals suffering from three or more chronic illnesses, are quickly becoming a crucial concern in the healthcare sector. According to Shannon, an astounding 86% of health care costs are attributable to […]

Optimizing Clinical Workflows: The Key to Better Patient Care

Ensuring seamless healthcare delivery demands efficient and optimized clinical workflows in an increasingly digital world. As such, we’ve spent much time making providers’ lives easier and bridging the gap between patients and providers at Ursamin, our health tech initiative. We need to prioritize the type of information physicians receive to optimize these clinical workflows. To […]

Looming Doctor Shortage

The looming doctor shortage is a hot topic in the health community. And it’s no wonder- with applications for medical school on the rise and an aging population, the demand for healthcare professionals will only go up. Watch this video to learn more about the doctor shortage and what it could mean for your health! […]