What are medical records?

What are medical records? 

The simple answer is that medical records are essentially anything having to do with your health. For example, when you go to your doctor and get blood tests, that’s a medical record. When the doctor documents your age, height, history, and family’s genetic history, that can be a medical record.

“It’s simple in that in a medical record is anything documented about your health.”

Medical records are the data that explains all detail about your medical history, clinical findings, diagnostic test results, pre and postoperative care, patient’s progress and medication. If a doctor has all the records, data, and information they can provide the best medical solutions.

Imagine you go to the doctor; they probably have those big filing cabinets in the back. The doctor pulls your file, your record is like a particular color, open it up, and everything’s recorded in that file. So when you see your doctor, they have to write their conversations with you. And all the other things that go on outside based on what you tell them.

Today we also have medical information on our phones, watches, and other apps. All of this information is a medical record. For example, you might wear a FitBit that tracks heart data, and you might also use a calorie counting app. This is essential data that should be part of your overall medical record.

However, the problem is that there isn’t a single place where you, your doctor, or your caregivers can access this information. And as you can imagine, doctors need this information to provide you with the best care possible. Even lacking simple data about your diet can lead to an incorrect diagnosis.

Getting access to and then organizing medical records can be a challenge. Some insurance providers and medical facilities provide online access to your files. But these can be bulky and hard to read.

We created MyHealthHatch to solve this problem. MyHealthHatch is designed as a one-stop solution for all your medical record information.

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