Ursamin’s Journey to Better Healthcare: A September 2023 Update

The world of healthcare is vast and complicated, and it’s easy to feel like you’re navigating it alone. That’s why Shannon Aylesworth and Levi from Ursamin sat down to discuss where the company stands and the strides Ursamin makes to improve healthcare for patients, caregivers, and doctors. Here’s a comprehensive look at what they had to say.

The Motivation Behind Ursamin

Shannon Aylesworth, co-founder of Ursamin, and Levi emphasized the importance of their team dynamics. Despite not having a large beauty squad or “team of folks,” as they joke, they’re a duo working tirelessly to make waves in healthcare. Shannon mentions that many people think they know what’s happening within the company based on their emails, presentations, and social media updates. However, the two admit they haven’t updated the audience on the company’s status as often as they should.

Focused Conversations with Doctors

One of Ursamin’s main focuses is to develop relationships with medical doctors. Shannon shares that doctors are eager for an upgrade in technology. They seek platforms that make their jobs easier, simpler, and faster, allowing for better patient diagnosis.

In these discussions, the company aims to clarify what’s most important to different roles in healthcare:

  • Patients want straightforward instructions.
  • Caregivers want tools like a shared calendar.
  • Doctors are looking to streamline the medical processes.

These conversations have been both eye-opening and validating, reinforcing the need for platforms like Ursamin. The interactions with doctors like Dr. Shapiro have shed light on how existing systems often hinder rather than help medical professionals provide effective patient care.

Empowering People

Shannon and Levi stress the importance of empowering doctors, caregivers, and patients. Based on her experience caring for her mother, Shannon explains that sometimes you must take on roles you never thought you’d be in. This gives perspective on why it’s crucial to arm people with the right information and tools as healthcare needs evolve.

A Look at Investments and Future Goals

Shannon updates the company’s fundraising efforts, sharing that they are halfway through the fundraiser season. She elaborates on the importance of having institutional investors onboard, not just for the funds but for their reach, relationships, and advice, especially in navigating a complex industry like healthcare.

As the discussions with doctors become more exciting and encouraging, so are the conversations with investors. Earlier, there were questions about whether the market was ready for a solution like Ursamin. There’s a consensus that the market is ready, and Ursamin

 has a viable, working product.

Concluding Thoughts

Shannon sums it up best: “People make better health decisions when they have all the information available and readily accessible to them.” Ursamin is actively working to ensure the information and tools people need are at their fingertips.

Shannon and Levi are committed to this cause. While they may joke about being a small team, they’re making an impact that resonates far and wide in the healthcare industry.

Thank you for tuning in for this update, and stay tuned for more exciting developments from Ursamin.

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