Springboarding to Success: Ursamin’s Venture with Female Innovators

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https://youtu.be/6JV8bTPFKQE Shannon’s journey is a testament to the power of community and mentorship in overcoming the hurdles women founders face. With less than 3% of VC funding going to women-led ventures, the need for initiatives like Springboard is more pressing than ever. Through specialized paths and small cohort-based support, Springboard Enterprises not only aids women […]

Project Healthcare: A Hub for Healthcare Startups

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In the latest episode of Unlimited Access broadcasting from Nashville, Shannon shares her firsthand experiences at the kickoff of Project Healthcare, an innovative hub for healthcare startups. Collaboration Among Startups One of the episode’s highlights is the emphasis on the unique collaboration among different startups. Shannon speaks about the synergistic relationships formed between companies, each […]

Podcast: Ursamin CEO Shannon Aylesworth Unveils the Future of Care Coordination

Ursamin’s visionary founder and CEO, Shannon Aylesworth was featured on an episode of the Healthcare Shares Podcast. In a candid conversation, Shannon shared her personal journey that led to the creation of Ursamin, a care coordination platform (CCP™), that is turning more heads among those trying to navigate chronic disease management.

Understanding the Overwhelming Demands of Caregiving

The struggle of caregiving isn’t just about time management. It encompasses the mental stress
of ensuring the safety and health of loved ones. As highlighted in a recent “Unlimited Access” episode with Shannon Aylesworth and Levi, caregivers’ challenges are multifaceted and often

Ursamin’s Journey to Better Healthcare: A September 2023 Update

The world of healthcare is vast and complicated, and it’s easy to feel like you’re navigating it alone. That’s why Shannon Aylesworth and Levi from Ursamin sat down to discuss where the company stands and the strides Ursamin makes to improve healthcare for patients, caregivers, and doctors. Here’s a comprehensive look at what they had to say.