AI and Healthcare: Is it Fearmongering or Just the Future?

Welcome to our blog, inspired by our podcast, Unlimited Access, where Levi and Shannon Aylesworth, founders of Ursamin, chat about everything under the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sun. At Ursamin, we passionately believe that individuals make better health decisions with access to all their data. So, let’s dive in!

Embracing AI and the Fear of Job Displacement

Artificial Intelligence has sparked intense debate regarding its potential to displace jobs, particularly in healthcare. Levi, a self-proclaimed futurist, firmly believes that AI advancements will inevitably lead to job displacement. He points to a diagnosis, a critical aspect of the medical field, as an area where AI could eventually outperform humans.

However, Shannon reframes this perspective, emphasizing that the goal isn’t job displacement but rather job efficiency. Given the prevailing shortage of healthcare professionals, AI can enable doctors to be more productive, focusing on complex tasks. At the same time, AI handles simpler, repetitive tasks. The debate, it seems, isn’t about fearmongering or AI stealing jobs but rather about its potential to augment healthcare delivery and enhance efficiency.

Access to Data: A Bottleneck for AI

As AI continues to make strides in healthcare, we must address the elephant in the room – data access. For AI to be truly effective, it needs access to massive, balanced datasets. However, obtaining these data can be problematic due to legal restrictions and privacy concerns.

The power to control data release must be in the patient’s hands to navigate these challenges. Once patients can control their data, they will enable AI to make meaningful contributions. Despite these hurdles, once AI has balanced and extensive datasets to learn from, its ability to analyze, interpret, and predict could significantly outstrip human capabilities.

The Future of Healthcare: AI and Data-driven Decisions

Despite the debate around AI and job displacement, we can agree on the power of data. At Ursamin, we believe that providing physicians and healthcare professionals with the right data, not necessarily all data, will enable them to make the best decisions quickly. AI has the potential to streamline this process, sifting through terabytes of data to provide doctors with what they need to make the best decisions.

This concept also extends to wearable technology, producing vast amounts of data that can contribute to better health outcomes. However, only specific events or readings are truly relevant for healthcare professionals. Harnessing this data meaningfully could lead to improved monitoring and more effective treatment.


In this AI-infused era, fearmongering about job displacement is often prevalent. However, we believe the real conversation should focus on AI’s exciting potential in enhancing healthcare delivery, promoting job efficiency, and enabling data-driven decisions.

In the future, the challenges we face, especially around data access and legalities, will undoubtedly be addressed, and AI will become an integral part of healthcare. Until then, let’s educate ourselves and others about AI’s real implications and potential in healthcare.

Thank you for joining our discussion on AI in healthcare. We look forward to diving deeper into this fascinating world in our next session. Until then, remember that having access to the right data, whether AI-driven or not, can help us all make better health decisions.

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