The Principles of Ursamin: Empowering You with Choice, Control, and Trust

Hello, everyone. This is Shannon Aylesworth from Ursamin, a company founded with a simple premise: Empower individuals to make better health decisions by giving them access to their medical information in one easy-to-use app. When people are given control over their health information, the outcomes naturally improve.

Access or Management?

The concept of access is often thrown around, but we believe it’s more than just having a pass to look at your health information. It’s about management, controlling what you see and do with it. It’s about having a comprehensive view of your health. It’s about being able to influence your future, to plan, and to take control.

The Principle of Choice

This brings us to one of our uncompromising principles: Choice. We are firmly committed to ensuring our users always have a say in their healthcare journey. The choice here doesn’t merely mean having an option. It represents the power to make decisions and to have direct control at the time you need it.

I recently had a personal experience where I was referred to a specialist and assigned a doctor I didn’t want. It reminded me of the importance of choice in our healthcare journey. So, we at Ursamin are resolved not to compromise on this: our users will always have the power to choose, and if a choice can’t be offered, we will explain why.

Your Data, Your Decision

Another principle that is close to our hearts is about data. We understand that the subject of selling user data is a touchy one. Let me clarify: At Ursamin, we will never sell your data. Period.

The control of your data will always lie in your hands. We intend to bring you resources and opportunities like notifying you of clinical trials or other healthy options. But these will always be on an opt-in basis. You choose if you want in. We will never make that decision for you. This approach enables trust and reaffirms our commitment to choice and control.

In Search of Trust

And trust brings us to our final principle. Our ambition is for Ursamin to be a platform you can trust implicitly. As you embark on your healthcare journey with us, we want you to feel confident in our commitment to your privacy, choice, and control.

This commitment to trust was recently highlighted when we discussed the merger of the LIV PGA tour. The theme of trust emerged strongly. Consider the example of Rory McElroy, who publicly supported PGA only to find out about the merger as we all did. This raises questions about trust, about sticking to one’s principles even when money is on the line.

The Ursamin Promise

At Ursamin, we aim to empower you with choice, control, and trust in managing your healthcare. We stand firm on these principles and believe they will guide us in creating a platform that truly works for the health and well-being of our users. We are here to support you on your health journey, respecting your choices, protecting your data, and earning your trust every step of the way.

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